Our team

Nice to meet you!

Ricky Mahabier

Ricky is the founder of Project Nest Foundation. He always has a dream to help people in remote areas in undeveloped countries. Especially children who became orphans.

With his background as innovation manager he always try to challenge people to think different, to be creative and to act with full passion.

Aart-Jan Slingerland

Secretary of Project Nest

Aart-Jan is director of TOP expertise. Aart-Jan has always put his energy in social projects from the Church for the people in need. His visit to India and Nepal has inspired him much more to do something for the children/orphans and the poor people from the remote areas.

Teus de Mik

Treasurer of Project Nest

Teus was financial director of Arenda Holding. Also Teus always has done many social work while he was working. He have seen how much the people in India and Nepal are suffering from poverty. That is his inspiration to start the projects.

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