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The philosophy of Project Nest is to empower the people with creating chances and facilities. We want to avoid to continue giving money and/or resources endlessly. People will become dependent on us and lose their creativity. ith the facilities for medical care, knowledge and protection, we can empower them.
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Building a new orphanage house
Orphanage House - Sano Ghar
Sano Ghar
Improving the school
Green Society Public School
Supplying food for kids.
Our projects

Who are we?

Project Nest Foundation is a NGO in The Netherlands with two subsidiary NGO’s in India and Nepal.The foundation is focusing on 3 domains:

  • Health
  • Education and
  • Protection

For especially poor families from remote areas, underprivileged orphans and distressed animals.

The root cause of the majority of the problems and poverty is due to 4 main causes:

Flood in Terai District of Nepal

Natural Disaster

Many families lost all their properties and belongings due to earthquakes and water floods in the past.

Civil War in Nepal

Civil War

Families are dislocated and many children became orphans due to civil wars

Health Awareness

Lack of Health Awareness

Many poor people becoming ill due to lack of awareness regarding hygiene and health. And because of the long distance to hospitals people are dying unnecessary or they left with high depths on hospital bills.

Education Problems

Lack of Education

There is a high unemployment rate due to lack of education and thence there is structural poverty, especially people from remote villages.

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Telephone: 0624106252
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RSIN: 861575398

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