Our story

Our mission is to empower people

De filosofie achter “Project NEST”

Why the name?

We believe that every event in life is like a project, it overcomes you, you just fly in to it or it is a part of life. Anyhow you have to deal with, manage it, and to make the best of it with all the resources you have. Why Nest? It is the place from the beginning of your life, the most important part, where you are the most vulnerable and fragile. It is a warm and safe place, a place which everybody knows and recognize. It’s very close and familiar place, it is your home…

Why the color?

Nest has three colours: red, blue and yellow. These are the three primary colours, with which you can make any colour you want. These are the basic fundaments for all the colours. In other words, with 3 basic elements you can create anything. It is the proof you do not need a lot to create magic. That is also the philosophy of Nest, with just little things you can make great achievements, as long you can make the right mix and matches.

Why the logo?

The logo of our foundation is a nest in a lotus flower. The Lotus flower has a very deep spiritual meaning and symbolize: purity and creation. The Lotus flower is the only flower which despite it grows in and around mud, it never get dirty itself. It is always clean and pure. That symbolize our foundation. Our goals has to be and stay pure.

What is our goal & mission

Our mission: is to empower people who live in heavily poverty in remote areas as well orphans without any future.

Target group: This group doesn’t have anything. They barely have food, no clean drinking water, no proper house or enough cloths to protect themselves.
If they get ill, medical care is too far. Because lack of knowledge and education, they cannot create any facility or possibility to escape from poverty and take care of them self and their family.

To avoid: We want to avoid giving money continuously and/or resources endlessly. People will become dependent on us and lose their creativity. With the facilities for awareness, medical care, skills and protection, we can empower them.

The root cause of the problems

Natural disasters

Due to earthquakes and water floods lots of people lost their lives, their house and all their belongings

Civil Wars

In the past, people moved to different places and many children became orphans, without any future.

Lack of education

They can not find a job, so they cannot escape from poverty, they cannot protect themselves. They have hardly food, no clothes (with -5 in winter) and broken houses. So they move to other countries as refugees.

Lack of awereness

They do not have hygiene, no clean drinking water, no proper toilets so diseases occur.
They are struggling with their health and because usually they cannot afford to go to a hospital, they get more ill and just die.
How can you support us


With € 1 per month you already can help.
It is not much, but if everybody who gives €1 also ask people in their surrounding to donate, those little amounts together will create magic!


We really can use expertise and skills from different people for all the three Domains.


We would love get in touch with people who have a great network regarding the three Domains, like with schools, hospitals, constructors, etc.

Facilities and goods

When companies merge, most of the time they throw away the old or double goods. These goods, like from hospitals, schools, etc. we really can use. It doesn’t matter if they are second hand.
We are also looking support on storage and transportation of the goods to the villages.